As a pioneer and industry leader in patient-specific technology for the treatment of painful joint injuries, Episurf Medical does something no other resurfacing implant manufacturer has done. We put the patient in the centre of the damage assessment and design of implants and surgical instruments. By combining advanced 3D-imaging technology with the latest manufacturing technology, we are able to adapt not only each implant to the patient’s injury and anatomy, but also the surgical instruments used. In this way, we can ensure that each patient receives treatment that is perfectly suited to his or her anatomy and, thus, ensure a faster, more secure, and better patient-specific treatment for a more active and healthy life.

Historically, the industry has offered orthopaedic implants and surgical instruments in a standardised range, that is, “one size fits all” design. Episurf Medical is built on the simple idea that each implant and surgical instrument should fit and be designed for each individual patient, rather than forcing patients to fit the implant. This is why we have developed a next generation implant system that shall ensure a better outcome for painful joint injuries. Episurf Medical was founded in 2009 and develops and commercialises patient-specific medical devices for the treatment of painful joint injuries.

With the help of the internally developed web platform μiFidelity, Episurf Medical can transform patient data such as MR images into individualised implants and a complete set of individualised surgical instruments. The technology to create patient-specific implants and instruments is supported by a strong patent portfolio covering the areas of image processing, damage marking, patient-specific implant systems, patient-specific surgical techniques, patient-specific instrumentation and production for each and every joint in the body.

Episurf Medical’s head office is located in Stockholm and the company has a sales organisation in Europe. The share (EPIS B) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.


Episurf Medical’s vision is to pioneer and mainstream innovative, clinically effective, cost-efficient patient-specific implants, surgical tools and IT-based surgical support tools as an early treatment option for patients with painful knee joints across a global market.

Goal and objectives
Episurf Medical’s goal and objective is to mainstream patient-specific treatment options as a new standard within the orthopaedic industry. The company’s patented implant technology and broad knowledge within knee joint injuries means Episurf Medical can offer patient-specific documentation as decision support, a pre-surgical planning tool, design of implants as well as delivery of a “just in time” complete surgical tool-kit to surgeons for a simple and surgically precise procedure.