The Episurf treatment

Chronic knee pain and reduced mobility affect a large number of the adult population. Day to day life is affected and simple things like walking the stairs become a problem. Oftentimes, this can be the result of deterioration in the cartilage, the material responsible for lubricating the knee joint. Left untreated, this damage can worsen over time, significantly compromising quality of life.


The Episealer offers a new treatment approach to pain associated with mild to moderate cartilage deterioration.

We know each patient is unique. Therefore, we make individually customized implants so that they are perfectly designed and adapted for each individual patient. In doing so, we believe we can improve the outcome for the patients. The Episealer is the first patient-specific joint resurfacing implant aimed at providing pain relief and restoration of mobility. The Episurf method enables an early treatment that may allow patients to return to an active lifestyle.

Why individually customized?

The human knee is a complex joint. Every patient has a unique anatomy, size, and position of defects. Even slight variations in the position of the implant can have a significant impact on the implant fit and, hence, on the outcome of the surgery as well as on the survival of the implant. By using customized tools during the surgery, the precision of the surgical procedure is increased. This allows for an optimal positioning of the implant.


Are you a patient?

The Episealer implant aims for the group of patients aged 35-65 who are considered not being able to respond to a biological treatment or patients who have tried and failed conservative treatment methods. Read more...




Episealer knee implant

The Episealer® is a small implant individually customized to each patient’s unique anatomy. By adjusting shape and thickness the implant fits exactly to replace the injured area only, thus preserving the surrounding healthy cartilage and bone. The Episealer® enables a minimally invasive surgery that instantly re-creates a new loadbearing surface of the knee joint. Patients are expected to be relieved from pain, have short recovery times and regain full movement. Read more...



Cartilage damage and pre-osteoarthritis

Cartilage damage can be caused by trauma or excessive weight, and is accompanied by joint stiffness and severe pain. When damage occurs to the cartilage, the ability of an adult’s body to heal these damages is extremely limited. Read more... 



The Anatomy of your Knee

The knee joint is the largest joint in the body. It is a weight-bearing joint that allows flexion of the leg. Read more...





Other Treatment Options

Non-surgical treatment methods commonly used for the treatment of osteoarthritis and cartilage damage are mainly physiotherapy and exercise, as well as analgesic and anti-inflammatory medicines. There are also methods that actively stimulate cartilage healing and methods to replace damaged cartilage with healthy tissue. The severity of the symptoms, the age of the patient, and the degree of damage determines the choice of treatment. Read more...

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