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Episealer, the only individualised implant
for focal cartilage lesions in the knee



Each Episealer implant is unique,
carefully designed to match your anatomy perfectly.



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a painful joint disease resulting from the breakdown of cartilage and underlying bone

Each year, more and more people are diagnosed with arthritis.
Episurf wants to help you who suffers from knee pain with early signs of arthritis to return to the life you want to live.


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The Episealer process

To ensure you receive the best possible treatment for your cartilage lesion, every step in the process focuses on you. First, an MRI scan of your knee is needed. This scan will then be used to compose a damage marking report, including a virtual 3D model of your knee joint. This 3D model will be the basis for the design of your individualised Episealer implant and surgical instrument kit.  Below you can read more about each step.

MRI Scan

To obtain a clear image of the
lesion and your knee,
2D and 3D MRI scans are taken

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Damage Marking Report

These images are then used to create a
virtual 3D model and visualisation
of your knee joint

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This 3D model is the basis for the
design of your individualised
Episealer implant

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“My knee does not limit me anymore, I can do everything I want to do…”


In December 2012, Göran was the first patient to receive an Episealer implant.

Have a look at his story.


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