The General Meeting is the company’s supreme decision-making body and according to the Articles of Association is to be held within six months of the end of the fiscal year. Shareholders who are registered in the share register five days before the meeting and who sign up correctly are entitled to participate. Notification shall be made to the company by the date specified in the summons for the meeting. All shareholders registered in the share register on the record date and who have notified their participation in time are entitled to attend the meeting and vote for the total holding of shares.

The summons to attend the General Meeting shall be given by advertisement via mail and in Swedish domestic newspapers and by making the summons available on the company website. The fact that the summons has been issued shall simultaneously be published in Dagens Industri and on the company’s website.

At the AGM, the shareholders elect the Board of Directors and if applicable, auditors. The meeting also decides on, among other things, how the Nomination Committee shall be appointed, discharge of liability for the Board and the Chief Executive Officer, adoption of the Annual Report, appropriation of profits, fees for the Board and the auditors as well as guidelines for compensation to the Chief Executive Officer and other senior executives.

The summons, communiqués and other materials for the meetings are published on the company’s website.