NameSalary/Fee   Other Remuneration  Pension  
Dennis Stripe, Chairman0.4
Laura Shunk, Board member0.2
Leif Ryd, Board member0.10.6
Christian Krüeger, Board member0.2
Wilder Fulford, Board member0.20.7


The Nomination Committee proposes remuneration for the board members to the general meeting.

The Chairman of the board and the board members have received remuneration in accordance to the decision at the general meeting. The Chairman has received SEK 0.4m. Laura Shunk, Wilder Fulford and Christian Krüeger have received remuneration of SEK 0.2m. Leif Ryd has received remuneration of SEK 0.1m. In total, the board fees for 2020 amount to SEK 1.1m (SEK 1.1). During 2020, the board member Leif Ryd also received a consultancy fee of SEK 0.6m (0.6) and Wilder Fulford received SEK 0.7m (0.4) as compensation for ongoing projects during the year.