The Episealer implant comes with the personalised drill guide Epiguide and a set of associated tools needed to ensure the best possible outcome.

A major component of the patient-specific tools is Episurf’s individualised drill guide, Epiguide. The guide is designed to attach perfectly onto the knee’s surface around the cartilage lesion. This provides a stable platform to support the surgeon during the drilling process. Thanks to the detailed preparation of the lesion site, simple and precise insertion of the implant at an exact angle and depth relative to the patients joint anatomy is possible. This makes it possible to safe-guard against any part of the implant protruding, a situation which may jeopardise the final result. The patient-specific Epiguide is designed according to the patient’s MRI.

The toolkit consists of 7 pieces (or 8 in case of the Episealer Femoral Twin) that will guide you through the Episealer procedure. All tools are made to fit the implantation of the Episealer and are single-use only. The whole kit is delivered together with the Episealer prior ot the surgery, removing the need for any stock in your hospital.

The unique combination of the Epiguide and the associated Epidrill, Drilling socket and Adjustment socket allows for 200 µm precision adjustment, resulting in full control over the depth of the bone bed during the procedure.