How would you describe your knee pain before the surgery?

When I walked 50 meters, I could feel a real discomfort in my knee. It was like a constant, tender sensation. I felt it every time I walked, a stab of pain. The pain was there all the time, even at night while lying down.


You are a carpenter. Did your knee pain have a significant impact on your work?

It was not fun to be told I could no longer work as a carpenter. It was what I really wanted. I had not planned to quit my profession already at this point. And on top of it all, I was in general uncertainty; what else can I do? One needs to make money to be able to pay the rent. With two small kids and all. What kind of job can I get? This is Sönderjylland (Denmark) and jobs do not grow on trees here. Many things and many thoughts kept going through my head. It was a tough time in my life.


You visited Dr Laursen, who proposed Episealer. What was your reaction to that, a new technology?

I came to his practice. He said: ”that is an injury I can fix with an implant. You will be able to return to work as a carpenter shortly”. I thought he must be joking. Three or four specialists had already told me that I will not be able to work as a carpenter, ever again. I got the operation, I woke up, and after one day at the hospital, I returned home. Two days later, I did not need any painkillers anymore. I could walk almost without pain. I have not been in pain since, not once. I have not taken any pills. Previously, I had to take morphine now and then to be able to cope with the pain. I returned to my job as a carpenter three months after the surgery, without any problems.


Did Episealer have an impact on your life?

I am a completely new person. I am happy again with lots of energy. Before I could not play ball with my son, which he really enjoys and of course, it is not fun not being able to play. Today it is not a problem!


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