Episurf’s Episealer Talus implant belongs to the group of so-called resurfacing implants. These implants serve to re-create the original surface of your talus bone by replacing the damaged tissue(s) while keeping the rest of the talus intact. What distinguishes the Episealer implants from other, similar devices, is the individualised approach during the production process. Episurf makes sure that your Episealer Talus implant is fully tailored to your lesion, the joint surface curvature and underlying bone conditions.

Episurf produces a detailed computerised reconstruction of your talus bone, including damages in the talar bone. This model is presented to your surgeon in an interactive 3D report for review. By combining advanced 3D imaging technology with the latest manufacturing technologies, not only is the implant adapted to your unique injury and anatomy, but also the surgical instruments used.

In order to gain access to the Talus, your surgeon might need to perform an osteotomy*. This is a surgical procedure during which the medial malleolus (the end of your shin bone) is temporarily removed. It will give your surgeon the possibility to safely reach the talus bone and perform the surgery. After the Episealer Talus implant is placed, the malleolus is re-attached to the bone using screws. For a safe and fast procedure, Episurf has designed an individualised guide, which will help your surgeon to perform the osteotomy.

*An osteotomy is not specific to Episealer but is performed in other treatment options as well.