Episurf designs individualised implants for the treatment of small cartilage damages on the thigh-bone side of your knee joint and the talus. In order to decide if these implants might be a solution for you, we need to know more about the nature and extent of your lesion.

Episealer is not indicated for the treatment of developed arthritis but rather of a pre-arthritic disease state, i.e. focal cartilage lesions. The presence of arthritis can be seen on regular x-ray images but to be able to see any details of the cartilage lesions, MR images are needed.

In order for us to conclude if Episealer can be a solution for your knee or ankle pain, the Episurf team (consisting of engineers, orthopaedic surgeon and radiologist), will need to have access to your MR images. In the case of ankle pain, CT images can be used as well.

If you would like to know if Episealer is a solution to your knee or ankle pain, or if you would like to receive further information, please do not hesitate to fill out the contact form or write to us directly at patient@episurf.com.

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