Patients story 1 year after Episurf operation/procedure

After several years of suffering from pain and long-term sick leave, a 31 year-old Danish patient was treated with an Episealer®-implant. Just days after the procedure the pain disappeared, after a few months he was back to work and today he lives a normal, active life. Today, Episurf Medical releases the patients’ own story on video. The company has earlier communicated the results from the patients’ 1-year follow-up.

Stockholm, 2014-11-20 10:59 CET (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

In the video the 31-year old father of two speaks about his everyday life before the procedure, how he suffered from severe discomfort and having difficulty sleeping.

“I couldn’t walk 50 meters without feeling pain in my knee. I felt a stinging sensation and suffered from constant pain while sleeping. Several specialists told me that I would never be able to return to my line of work as a carpenter. It was a difficult time for me”, says the 31-year old patient.

When the patient met the chief physician at Sönderjylland hospital, he was told that he was suffering from cartilage damage that could be treated with an Episurf implant.

“When I met the surgeon, he told me about a treatment method that would allow me to get back to work. I didn’t think it was possible, considering previous assessments from other specialists. But he was correct, two days after the procedure I was off the painkillers and I haven’t felt any pain in my knee ever since. I could return to work a few months after the procedure without any problems. I feel like a new man”, says the patient.

“I am very satisfied with the patients progress as well as the fact that he has been able to return to work and live a normal, active life. The patient has not needed any painkillers after the procedure despite carrying out physically demanding assignments in his line of work. I am very happy to see that he continues to feel well and that he is experiencing a significantly higher quality of life”, says Jens Ole Laursen, head physician at Sønderjylland hospital.

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