Scientific abstract with the first 2 years’ clinical follow-up data on Episealer patients accepted for podium presentation at the Swedish Orthopedic’s week in Visby, 2016

Clinical results from follow-up of 10 Episealer patients during 1-2 years have been compiled and accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of SOF, Swedish Orthopedic Association. The presentation will be held in Visby, on August 31.

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The presentation “A personalised metal implant for resurfacing of local cartilage damage in the knee joint – early results on 10 patients” by N. Martinez-Carranza, D. Roberts, M. Högström och A. Stålman will be held by Dr. Nicolas Martinez-Carranza, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm.

The results show statistically significant clinical improvements from preoperatively to 12 and 24 months’ follow-up of the patients. No complications have been noted and X-rays at follow-up show that the implants are in a correct and secure position.

”This is the first time 2-years data will be presented. The positive 1-year follow-up results previously presented are here followed by equally good 2-years’ results, which of course is pleasing and in line with our expectations.” comments Leif Ryd, Senior medical advisor and board member, Episurf Medical.

”We now have accumulated clinical evidence that demonstrates good implant safety and patient well-being. 2 years’ follow-up is generally considered an accepted threshold for clinical success. We can therefore expect increased acceptance from the orthopedic profession.” says Rosemary Cunningham Thomas, CEO, Episurf Medical.


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