When and how did your knee problems begin?

One morning in January 2014 (I was 47 years old), I noticed pain in my left knee. The evening before, I played football without any problems.


How would you describe your lifestyle before the knee problems?

Until I was 47, I could spend my free time doing sports without restrictions. I regularly played football, went mountain biking, loved skiing and enjoyed hiking in the Alps.


How did your knee problems affect your daily life?

Any movement, whether going shopping, going up/down stairs, gardening or active leisure activities, became torture. I no longer enjoyed exercise. Although reduced due to increasing pain, mountain biking was the only sport that was still somewhat possible for me.

Luckily, I worked for a software company, so I didn’t have to rely on healthy legs, but until then, sports were my way of balancing out office work.


Did you undergo other treatments before getting the Episealer® implant?

Between 2014 and 2020, I went through five arthroscopic treatments, such as nano and micro fracturing, as well as an ACT cartilage cell transplant.

All of these treatments, sometimes involving partial weight-bearing for several weeks and prolonged physiotherapy, never really made my knee pain-free.

After the first arthroscopy in September 2014, I was still confident that the pain would be a thing of the past. In the summer of 2015, except for soccer, I could go hiking, skiing or go about my everyday life reasonably pain-free. However, the pain and restrictions continued to increase quite quickly, so I had to reduce my sports and daily activities more and more.

From 2016 onwards, dissatisfaction with my situation continued to increase.

The topic of knee pain was an integral part of my everyday life, which led me to look for other alternative treatments in the media. In 2017, I read a short newspaper article about the first Episealer® surgery (a personalised implant). I still have this article today.


How would you describe the rehabilitation and recovery after the Episealer® surgery?

Simply phenomenal!

I had three defective cartilage areas, which were treated in surgery. After four weeks of rehab and another four weeks of physiotherapy, I was able to cycle 20km or walk 4km almost pain-free.

The recovery time was many times shorter compared to previous arthroscopies.


How would you describe your life today after your Episealer® surgery?

It has now been over a year, and I don’t for a second regret making this decision.

All my limitations are a thing of the past.

The quality of life and the fun of activities are back!


Are you able to ski and hike pain-free again?

After about six months, challenging hikes in the Alps were possible again.

After eleven months, I was back on skis for the first time and was surprised at how good I felt.

A big thank you to my surgeon and the entire Episurf team!