How did you injure your knee, and how were you treated?

I was about 13, and I played lots of ice hockey. During a game, I got a “sideswipe” to my knee. That was the start of my problems. The pain never went away, and I ended up having various surgeries over the next 25 years. In all, I had six surgeries, but they did not make any significant difference.


How did your injury impact your life?

I worked in construction, which involved lots of time outside and working on building sites. The pain in my knee was killing me and eventually I had to give up my job. I was always aware of the damage in my knee and at times it was so bad I just wished my leg could be cut off.


What treatment options did your surgeon discuss with you?

As things developed and I had more and more surgeries, different options were proposed to me. In the later stages, my surgeon told me that he felt the only suitable treatment would be a total knee replacement as there were no other choices. I did not accept this as an option, and this is when I became aware of the Episealer.


What difference has your Episealer made to you?

When I woke up after the Episealer surgery, I felt there was something different. When you have lived with severe pain for years, you develop a “coping mechanism”. I could not work out what had changed. Eventually, I realised the nagging pain I had lived with for over 25 years was gone. My daughter later commented that she no longer had a grumpy father!


And today? How are you getting on?

I am active again. My knee does not limit me. I do some running, and I am starting to get back into ice hockey again. I try to find problems with my knee but I can’t!


And what does the future hold for you?

I can live again. I am continually doing more physical activity and doing more of the things in life I love and enjoy. Getting out into the countryside has always been a pleasure for me, and I can enjoy it again. Since the surgery, I have managed to lose over 10 kg in weight. I feel great, and I now have my life back.